PX Tracker™, a Software Accessory for P90X and P90X-Plus*
(PX Tracker was previously called "XtremeFit Tracker". Same software, different name)

Recording your workout performance data is an essential part of P90X. You can have our software running on your computer as you go through your workout and record your data when Tony tells you to on the video. While they go to the P90X paper worksheets, you go to your PX Tracker!
PX Tracker for P90X frees you from the paper worksheets of the P90X fitness guide. It provides a custom schedule manager, a performance tracking system, and a graphing system for your 90-day journey that will give you the motivation to BRING IT and complete this challenging program.


With the PX Tracker software, all you need to complete P90X is your dedication and the videos. Our P90X tracker will tell you when to do which workout and what to eat for maximum results.

PX Tracker is the only stand-alone P90X tracker software on the market.
Customers tell us that they wouldn't be where they are with P90X if it wasn't for the constant positive reinforcement and discipline they get from PX Tracker.

Best of all, it's available as a free demo. Try before you buy for as long as you need.

*The screenshots on this page are for the P90X version of PX Tracker. The P90X-Plus version has the same features but comes pre-loaded with the P90X-Plus workout schedule and workouts.

Setup and Options:

One setup step is all you need to personalize your P90X journey. PX Tracker supports all three P90X options: Classic, Lean, and Doubles.

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2 minutes and you're ready to start!

Track your Fitness and BodyFat/BMI reduction progress:

Once you've set your stats on start day and your goals, PX Tracker will help you achieve them. The measurements section allows you to record essential health metrics such as Weight, Body Fat, Heart Rate, and more for every day you are in the program. As you get closer to your goals, the numbers gradually go from red to green. Keep it up!

XtremeFit Tracker Health Data Entry

Graph P90X Health Metrics: Your daily Health Metrics are used to graph your progress towards your Weigh and Body Fat goals.

XtremeFit Tracker Health Metrics Graph

Data Entry:

PX Tracker includes the full P90X schedule of workouts for the entire 90 days, as described in the P90X fitness guide. Select a workout and our software will show you the days on the P90X calendar when you're supposed to do that workout. Or, select a day on the P90X calendar and the software will tell you which workout to do that day. PX Tracker also includes input screens for ALL P90X workouts, complete with all weights and reps. Reps and weights for each workout are recorded directly on the screen using an interface very similar to what you are used to with Excel. The software calculates totals and averages automatically, and all the data is displayed on a single screen. See it in action!

XtremeFit Tracker Workout Data Entry

We all need to know how we did last time so we know how much to push ourselves. In PX Tracker, selecting a data entry cell activates a label that displays how you did on that routine the previous time. No guesswork involved or need to go back to the previous screen.

The PaceSaver:

The PaceSaver System is an exclusive feature of PX Tracker not part of the P90X program itself. However, it allows for more realistic tracking of your progress.
A number of routines in P90X are repeated twice during the same workout. Tony Horton advises us to pace ourselves and not overdo the first set so much that we can't perform the second set with the same intensity. PaceSaver helps you get to that sweet spot. It works by introducing a penalty if you performed less reps during the second set as compared to the first.

What's the penalty? The software is going to take away a few reps. Specifically, it will subtract a portion of the difference between the two sets from the total of the two sets. How much is taken away is your choice. The default setting sets the Penalty Factor at 2 which deduces 1/2 of the difference between the two sets from the total. A Penalty Factor of 4 would subtract 1/4 of the difference, and so on.

You determine the value of the Penalty Factor during Setup. The same screen can be used to turn PaceSaver off or to change the value of the Penalty Factor at anytime.

Toggle the PaceSaver

Graph P90X performance:

The PX P90X Tracker uses the repeats and weight values you entered for each routine to graph how your P90X performance improved over time. There is no better stimulant than to actually SEE the curves go up!

Chart performance

Best of all, the charts are dynamic with the ability to show/hide individual P90X routines. This really simplifies the charts and helps focus your attention on the workouts you select. Click once on any legend to toggle Visible/Hiden. Double-click on any active legend to Hide All. Double click on any grayed-out legend to Show All. See it in action

Full Control Over the P90X Schedule:

Sometimes life is not compatible with the rigid schedule of the P90X fitness guide. Instead of giving up, why not make it work for YOU with a custom P90X schedule?
  • Did you get injured and can't do the leg routines for a while?
  • Can't workout on Tuesdays because of long days at work?
  • Did you get sick for a few days and have to catch up?
PX Tracker will help you deal with those unpredictable changes. Our P90X Tracker allows you to build a custom P90X schedule just for you. You can: Substitute the day's scheduled workout with another, Skip one or more days and rest, or use the Plan Editor to build your own custom P90X schedule. It's your opportunity to personalize the P90X schedule with the peace of mind that the entire 90-day schedule will automatically update after any change you make. These custom P90X calendar and schedule features are an exclusive of our P90X Tracker.

Right-Click on any day on the P90X Calendar to start building your custom P90X schedule:
Calendar_Full Click for Details ...

P90X Nutrition Tracking:

Managing your nutrition is just as important as the workouts to maximize your P90X performance. PX Tracker's nutrition section makes it easy. We have implemented the entire P90X Portion nutrition plan ready for you to use. Just enter your body weight and we'll do the rest! The P90X Nutrition Guide describes two important nutrition concepts: the P90X Nutrition Level and the P90X Nutrition Phases.
The P90X Nutrition Level is the recommended total daily calories intake. There are 3 Nutrition Levels, depending on your weight.
There are also 3 P90X Nutrition Phases, each lasting 30 days. Each phase consists of a different mix of food types to achieve maximum weight loss and lean mass gain effects.

Our P90X software will:
  • Calculate your Nutrition Level (recommended daily caloric intake) according to the P90X Nutrition Guide
  • Automatically place you in the right Nutrition Phase as you progress through the program
  • Automatically generate your portions allocation for each food type depending on your P90X Nutrition Level
  • Provide screens to input your daily food intake.

The nutrition screen is tied to your P90X nutrition level and phase to automatically tell how many portions of each food type are left for the day. All the foods consumed for the day are compared to your day's allocation and your total caloric intake calculated automatically.

XtremeFit Tracker Nutrition Data Entry

The nutrition data is used to graph your caloric intake for each day over the entire duration of the program

XtremeFit Tracker Graph P90X Nutrition

Record Pictures of Your P90X Journey:

With PX Tracker, you can insert pictures and associate them with any day on the calendar. Simply select a date on the Calendar and browse to your picture file to insert.

I know, I wish...

XtremeFit Tracker Display Picture

Dates on the Calendar that have a picture associated to them are displayed with a colon:XtremeFit Tracker Calendar Day With Picture

Compare PX Tracker and Excel spreadsheets PX Tracker Excel
Need to own and know Excel 2007 or later NO YES
Supports P90X Classic, Lean, and Doubles YES NO
Can apply software updates without losing your data YES NO
Supports rescheduling of workouts (skipping, changing, deleting) YES NO
Can record a skipped workout day YES NO
Can replace a workout with another YES NO
Can replace a workout with multiple others YES NO
Fully Mac and Windows cross-platform YES NO
Number of screens to access all workout and nutrition data 1 100s!
Exclusive PaceSaver system for Top Performance YES NO

P90X® and P90X-Plus® are registered trademark of Beachbody®. Our products are not part of the Beachbody® product line and are not endorsed in any way by Beachbody